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The goal is to make Google Adwords advertising cost-effective, and attempts have so far been unsuccessful.

The initial state of an advertisement


Worked on errors Final result: Average conversion price: 56.79 UAH (1,53$) Average ROAS: 11.98 Term of work: More than a year Project status: We are still working

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How to calculate the budget?

For the correct calculation of the budget, it is important to determine the goals of the project and its KPIs. After that, the team conducts a comprehensive analysis of the audience and determines which advertising can give the greatest response. The recommended budget will consist of the cost and the target number of conversions. The cost of conversion includes the number of impressions, conversion rate, cost per click, and CTR.

Considering the uniqueness of each project, to determine the practicable budget, we conduct testing that determines the price per 1000 pegs, the value of the conversion rate, CTR, and CPC. During the work, our specialists will substantiate and approve all financial decisions with you, taking into account all the specifics of the business and your wishes.


What guarantees do you provide?

We guarantee our clients attract high-quality traffic to the site. But it is worth remembering that not every site visitor leaves an application or makes a purchase.

This is influenced by many factors, taking into account the market situation, the uniqueness of the offer, and the price range of the goods or services provided. For our part, we will do everything possible to make the promotion as effective as possible.


Can you make an offer without an audit of a valid advertisement?

This option is possible. But it not be personalized. But an average offer. It will evaluate general market trends. Without taking into account the specifics of your audience.

A qualitative audit helps to identify points of growth and scaling, possible errors, and shortcomings to prevent them in the future.


Can we run ads in all regions?

It is possible but will require a larger budget. Launching advertising to all regions is a good solution for scaling an already successful advertising campaign.

For a start, we recommend our clients to launch the target in regions with good sales results. That helps to make sure that the chosen decisions are correct and to return the initial investment faster.


Can you look at competitors' ads and do the same?

You can evaluate the success of someone else's advertising only by analyzing the advertising cabinet. Very often, repeating someone else's strategy, without taking into account the specifics of the business model, does not give the expected result.

Therefore, we recommend our clients to create advertising campaigns based on their strengths, and not on the layouts of competitors.


Will I have access to the advertising cabinet?

Yes, you will have complete control. For this, Oborot.team specialists conduct all work not from personal accounts, but yours.


When are you ready to start work?

Before starting work, we conduct an initial audit and agree on a work plan with you.

This approach allows you to prepare for the start of an advertising campaign as efficiently as possible, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of previously conducted advertisements, find growth points and determine the vector of development.


How is the payment?

For your convenience, we have flexible payment terms. Cash and non-cash payment are available. If the final payment is up to $500, then we work on full prepayment.

For projects, the amount of which is higher than $500, it is possible to split the payment into an advance payment and the principal amount during the work process.